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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the age levels?

FBU National Championship is an Age and Grade based tournament.  Tournament rules are set and establish equality of play for all athletes

Safety of the athletes that participate in our tournament is paramount above and beyond all else: current age and grade rule ensures a level playing field and enhances safety. This rule addresses the number #1 concern from parents and coaches regarding the potential for older athletes playing against much younger athletes and vice versa. This goes against safety and establishing a level playing field for all athletes.
Unfortunately, this rule will exclude a small # of aspiring and former National Championship players but improving the safety and equality of the National Championship tournament cannot be overlooked.

  • Eligible football players must be in either grade 6, 7, or 8 during the 2017-2018 school year.
  • All participating 6th-graders CANNOT turn 13 years-old before August 1, 2017; Must  be born after 08/02/2004
  • All participating 7th-graders CANNOT turn 14 years-old before August 1, 2017; Must  be born after 08/02/2003
  • All participating 8th-graders CANNOT turn 15 years-old before August 1, 2017; Must  be born after 08/02/2002
  • Athletes can be associated with any youth football organization - private or national (Pop Warner, AYF, AAU, UYFL, etc.)

Is there a weight restriction?

No, there is no weight restriction.

Who pays for travel and lodging at the National Tournament?

Teams are responsible for their transportation, lodging and most meals throughout the tournament.  FBU encourages teams to help alleviate these costs by getting support from local sponsors and raising money through events.  Please refer to the FBU Stay to Play Policy here and the agreement here.

What team should I tryout for?

If multiple teams are in that area, contact FBU Registration at registration@footballuniversity.org.

What rules do the National Championship games adhere to?

National Championship games adhere to the National High School Federation Football rules, which can be found here http://www.nfhs.org/Football/

How many players are on a roster?

Rosters will contain up to 40 players.

What is the Stay to Play Policy?

In its purest form, Stay & Play is a policy that requires every athlete to stay at host hotels to be eligible to play in the tournament or event.  Stay & Play is a tight partnership with FBU, hotels, coaches, teams and parents.  FBU’s goal is enhance the housing experience of the tournament by selecting the best possible hotels, improve professionalism, and keep rates low.  For the complete policy please click here. 

Do you have a queston that is not listed?  Please email us at  registration@footballuniversity.org and we will be sure to get your question answered ASAP!